# Things to Include In Property Valuation Report

Business @ 20 November 2014

The key item or component that a property valuation report illustrates includes market price and physical condition of the property. However, different companies provide different information in such reports. Some companies offer more information and valuation in valuation reports. They provide their clients with key steps and methods which they use to interpret the information. It is reported that property valuers Perth offer more information than a single price figure. You can expect following information in property appraisal report.

house plans

  1. Region

In this section property valuers will describe about demographic description and location. This section will also include information related to surroundings, area and facilities available in this area. Property valuers Perth also includes a map to describe location of a property clearly.

  1. Details of the property

Property valuers include different aspects of a property in this section like number of rooms, total area, covered area and garage. This section also includes current improvements in the house. The condition of walls, paint, and garden is also included in this section. The Perth property valuers tend to include all minor and major aspects of a property in this section.

  1. Legalities

This section includes the number of registered owners of real estate. The total land, structure and material are also described in legalities section. The Perth property valuers also include list of similar sales in this section to give a concise report. If you wish to find an accurate evaluation report, you should make sure to hire reliable property valuers.